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Gentoo unity layman

Post by konto » Wed May 01, 2013 17:45

Because Sabayon is Gentoo based i tried to install unity but i get this error: ... 1d83e00459


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Re: Gentoo unity layman

Post by Stupot » Wed May 01, 2013 18:22

Sabayon is gentoo based, but installing things via portage when you are attempting to run an entropy system isn't supported.

Unity is a very large umbrella of packages and dependencies and if you are running into complicated issues, you will probably be much better off just not installing Unity, I'm afraid to say.

It looks as though some of the dependencies for Unity are newer than what is currently available in entropy. If you were to successfully install Unity, you would most likely need to rebuild a lot of the packages in your system. If you were doing that, you should use portage only for your package management and not use entropy.

Since you are very new to Sabayon and Gentoo, I would highly recommend that you do not attempt to do this. But if you are to proceed, just know that you can't mix and match entropy and portage, especially for something this big.

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Re: Gentoo unity layman

Post by albfneto » Wed May 01, 2013 20:18

Sabayon and Gentoo are compatible.

Using Entropy and Portage, together, is possible, but difficult.

If you may try, by your own risk:

!) edit the file /etc/entropy/client.conf, in the line containing spmdowgrades, change disable to enable,. Save it.

2) edit your file: make.conf for your computer. For carry this, search in the net how to.

3) run these commands:

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$ sudo emerge --sync
$ sudo emerge -av portage portage-utils
Then TRY to install Unit:

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emerge -vp "list of all the packages of Unity"
If you have few potential errors: masked packages, collisions, blocked packages, sandbox errors etc... Solve then. See in the Gentoo's documentation how to and install.

If you have many errors ,try to install without change Sabayon packages and without deps, since many Sabayon installed packages can works as deps for gentoo packages. For trying, execute the installation commands as:

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sudo LINGUAS="your language, ex. en_US"  COLLISION_IGNORE="*" emerge -av --nodeps --keep-going --autounmask --autounmask-write "list of all the packages of Unity"
then reboot and try to Open the Unity session.
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Re: Gentoo unity layman

Post by svantoviit » Thu May 02, 2013 8:34

Just some quotes from the Sabayon Wiki as albfneto is ignoring the basic rules to safely mix Entropy and Portage:
Sabayon Wiki wrote:The Portage package manager is not the default package manager of Sabayon. It should only be used by advanced users who understand the Portage system and understand what flags can do to a system. If you insist on using Portage and you FUBAR your Sabayon Linux installation, you are on your own. This is your big warning, so pay attention to it.
Sabayon Wiki wrote:DO NOT EVER edit or change /etc/make.conf
Sabayon Wiki wrote:never use Portage to update Portage
Sabayon Wiki wrote:the command 'emerge portage' should never be issued when mixing and matching package managers
The later will definitely damage your system as well as revdep-rebuild or similar.

If you want to manage your system by portage exclusively it's easier to install gentoo directly or eventually start with Spin Base.

If you want a package to be added into Entropy use the Bugzilla.

PS: Sabayon devs on sudo:
< ParkerBeta> wrote:[0] sudo: Even though sudo is present on sabayon, we don't advise using it. Many of our howtos contain chained commands, which sudo will only execute the first portion of with root privileges. Please use su instead. If you really want to do things the stupid way, then here's how. ... nable_sudo
[1] sudo: it is also proven that sudo does not update the operating environment properly, this can lead to small but dangerous stability issues at times
[2] sudo: if you don't listen to our sage advice, we will drop angry hedgehogs, porcupines, or cacti into your underwear while you're wearing them.

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