Is AfterStep a QtCreator dependency?

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Is AfterStep a QtCreator dependency?

Post by simonorono » Sat Apr 27, 2013 23:44

Greetings, recently, I noticed that I have a new WM installed in my system, it's AfterStep.

I didn't install it. When I try to uninstall it, it tries to remove QtCreator :?

Is this normal or it is a bug? Can I safely remove AfterStep with the "--nodeps" option?

Here's the output when trying to uninstall:

Code: Select all

simon-NV55C sorono # equo rm afterstep -a
>>  @@ Estos son los paquetes elegidos:
>>    #  (1/1) [] x11-wm/afterstep-2.2.11  [10.8MB]
>>  @@ Paquetes involucrados: 1
     ¿ Calcular las dependencias ? [Si/No] 
>>  @@ Paquetes que serán eliminados:
>>  ## [] dev-qt/qt-creator-2.6.2 [52.3MB]
>>  ## [] sci-physics/root-5.34.05 [176.3MB]
>>  ## [] x11-wm/afterstep-2.2.11 [10.8MB]
>>  @@ Packages that would be removed: 3
>>  @@ Espacio liberado en disco: 239.4MB
>>  @@ Espacio total desperdiciado: 72.3MB
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Re: Is AfterStep a QtCreator dependency?

Post by albfneto » Wed May 01, 2013 20:38

I have in mind that QtCreator uses the "root" package, and this package is originary of the AfterStep and used also by Window Maker.

Is simple to try if it is necessary. Remove the afterstep package without removing deps:

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sudo equo rm --nodeps afterstep
Then try to open and use Qtcreator. If working, good. If not, re-install.
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