Gnome VS Cinnamon VS KDE?

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Gnome VS Cinnamon VS KDE?

Post by amandus » Fri Feb 15, 2013 15:01

Which one does you like more? I think Gnome are pretty but I think Cinnamon are more stable. And KDE are good too.

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Re: Gnome VS Cinnamon VS KDE?

Post by Ryuno-Ki » Fri Feb 15, 2013 15:15

You're clear on starting a DE-war here?
Like emacs vs. vim.

I'd like to ask the moderator to move this thread to Off-Topic, because it's a Non-support topic.

To answer your question: I prefer KDE most. I didn't tested Cinnamon yet and GNOME is unusable for me.
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Re: Gnome VS Cinnamon VS KDE?

Post by anomaly65 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 20:34

Forgot to toss in "ed" for the vi[m] v. emacs flame war :lol: Some of us ARE that old :roll: In any such discussion, a sense of humor is strongly recommended!!!!

Here are a couple recent comparisons. Everyone has their favorite, and even authors who try to be fair have their bias towards one DE or another....

standard disclaimer: I don't know either author, but personally prefer kde-DE and run plenty of gtk apps without many issues. kde always had "to me" a nice eye candy look and has transitioned major versions SLIGHTLY less painfully than the recent update to gnome3). That said, each DE has their fans, and solid good points, along with bumps and bruises.
and ... -in-linux/

Thus, FWIW, The Sabayon Devs(TM) have done a commendable job in expanding the number of supported desktop environments. You can even load just about all of them and swap from one session to the next :bom:

Good luck in choosing!
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Re: Gnome VS Cinnamon VS KDE?

Post by cmost » Sun Mar 17, 2013 16:09

The short answer is to use what works for you. Otherwise, try my guide:

KDE is for power users and control freaks who like to have fine-grained control over every aspect of the desktop;
Gnome 3 is for people who like letting others choose what's best for them and are addicted to their cell phone or tablet;
Cinnamon is for people who value familiarity while appreciating modern innovation;
MATE is for people whose computer is an applicance that accomplishes a task and who aren't interested in change;
E17 is for people who value eye candy and who want to stay completely out of the mainstream DE wars;
XFCE is for people whose computer is getting on in years;
LXDE is for people whose computer debuted at the same time as Windows Millennium Edition;
The Shell is for the UNIX elders who snicker at those of us who insist on using that new fangled mouse thingy at all...
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