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Gnome 3 - Problem changing theme

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:03
by chasha420
Hi guys, I'm back to Sabayon after like 3 months!! Finally got around to resolving my networking issue and I hope I didn't miss out too much :mrgreen:

Anyway, I've decided to try out gnome 3 & I like it a lot. But still I'm a newb to this D.E and I would like some pointers / advice if you have any on how to get to know it better.

Right now I'm having a bit of an issue on how to change the theme over here...I can see that you need something like a "gnome-tweak-tool" which I think is already installed on Sabayon 7 by default as "Advanced Settings"...but in my case I'm trying to install this particular theme -> ... ent=140562

When I try to install it, it gives this error:

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$ sudo ./INSTALL 
: command not found
./INSTALL: line 12: syntax error near unexpected token `)'
'/INSTALL: line 12: `- gnome-tweak-tool (If you're using Gnome 3.)
I've read some where that if you use the latest version of gnome-tweak-tool then there's a good chance that the installation of that theme will fail.

Anyway let me know if there's a way to fix that and thanks for the help in advance!

I've manually extracted the theme pack inside ~/.themes and I'm able to enable those themes from gnome-tweak-tool...I'm still messing around with everything and I'll post more updates if I face any problem. Thanks.

According to the requirements of that particular theme it states that "Unico GTK3 engine version 1.0.1" is required. I don't see it in entropy...but may be it's in Portage...can anyone let me know on how to get it installed?

Re: Gnome 3 - Problem changing theme

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 19:09
by chasha420
Hi guys sorry for double posting & bumping this thread but I'm still interested in knowing if anyone knows how to get Unico GTK engine installed @ Sabayon. It isn't there in the repo & if there's any other way I can get it let me know. Without it I'm unable to use customised themes for Gnome3.