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Translate Xfce [Solved]

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 16:30
by bitERROR
Hi, I've read (I don't remember the link) that Sabayon has no translation packages for Xfce.

I explain my situation, with Sabayon installed and working as a server (so I prefer no reinstall) with the default desktop, Gnome2, in my language (Catalan), I tried to install KDE. Once installed it was initially in english but I could go to Entropy to install an available package (kde-base/kde-l10n-ca-4.7.0) for my language.

Now I removed KDE and I've installed XFCE. All is ok (is enough lightweight as I wanted) except language again, but now I haven't any package in entropy to translate.

Do you know how I could translate my XFCE environment to Catalan or Spanish language?

PD: Hi hope my english is enough readable.

Re: Translate Xfce

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 21:21
by bitERROR
Solved... It's already translated. I just removed (with a previous backup) almost config directorys in my home folder and restarted.