E17 mouse pointer changes to X11 pointer in Firefox [Solved]

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E17 mouse pointer changes to X11 pointer in Firefox [Solved]

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:01

In SL 5.4 E17 the mouse pointer is the expected Enlightenment mouse pointer except when I move the pointer over an open Firefox window, when it changes to the standard X11 pointer. The standard X11 pointer is an ugly hand when you hover the mouse pointer over a hyperlink in Firefox (you know, the hand with a left-pointing horizontal finger -- see hand2 in the picture below). Boy, I dislike that X11 pointer.

Default X11 mouse cursors:

Anyway, in order to change the X11 pointer to the E17 default (black and white) theme pointer when you're using Firefox, follow the instructions on the following page: S17 - Stuff.org: default e17 theme X11 cursor 1. The only slight change to the instructions given on that page is as follows:

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tar -zxvf 112877-e17cur.tar.gz -C ~/.icons/
simply because the file downloaded when you click on the download link is named ~/112877-e17cur.tar.gz and not ~/e17cur.tar.gz as stated.

It's a relief to get rid of that ugly X11 pointer and get the nice E17 pointer theme instead when using Firefox:

Default E17 mouse cursors:

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