LXDM, LXDE & drive mounting [Solved]

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LXDM, LXDE & drive mounting [Solved]

Post by k4ph » Tue Jan 18, 2011 15:46

When you use GDM/KDM as loginmanager and start a LXDE session, you have the feature of mounting drives, like cdroms and usb sticks. Using lxdm 0.30 doesn't enabled this feature, so booting with lxdm and entering a lxde session shows up no external drives like cdrom or usb stick anymore.
Also in pcmanfm 0.97 - the drives are invisible in the sidebar.

I just rebooted to GDM, just to be sure it happens only when using LXDm, e voila - everything like normal, the mounting features work, the drives are there.


Of cause, within a lxdm startet session, as root and via mount the drives can be mounted.
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Re: LXDM, LXDE & drive mounting

Post by alonsoty » Tue Jan 18, 2011 18:20

Hi k4ph, have you already tried insert this line into ~/.xinitrc file:

Code: Select all

### perhaps "lxde" instead of "startlxde"???

exec ck-launch-session startlxde
maybe GDM launches some other nice things (bho...).

...with wmii I'd like to do a couple of scripts using the commands:
ls /dev/disk/by-label and pmount -p xxx xxx to automate the mounting/umounting of USB drives...
Ciao :)

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