Graphical problem in Sabayon 5.4 Gnome

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Graphical problem in Sabayon 5.4 Gnome

Postby deepak » Wed Dec 01, 2010 14:30

I'm deepak pls help i'm facing graphical problem in sabayon 5.4 gnome
like i'm not getting the 3d desktop , & the pages if i pill it its not wavy thats it

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Re: Graphical problem in Sabayon 5.4 Gnome

Postby wolfden » Wed Dec 01, 2010 16:28

moved to correct forum, please post in the correct forum and please provide more info

hardware, errors, logs, tried doing, did it ever work, from livecd or install, fully updated or fresh install?

With no information nobody can help
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