Sabayon Suddenly Freeze

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Re: Sabayon Suddenly Freeze - Possible solved! YAY!

Post by magesha » Tue Nov 02, 2010 22:19

After all the CLI gympastics and getting the kernel to compile, I think I have solved this. I will test for another two days and report. Meanwhile, you can try it as well, can't hurt more than it is now :D

There are two things pertinent to this problem in my system that different from yours (standard 64-bit install), of which I am not sure which (or both) is making it work. Actually, I am pretty sure one of them is needed.. Anyway, enough suspense. :lol:

Try this first:

1. Enable pageflipping: Open your /etc/X11/xorg.conf (as root - you may want to back it up in case something goes wrong to, say, xorg.conf.bk); edit the section containing Driver "intel" (this is for your screen), to enable Pageflipping : Option "EnablePageFlip" On. On my file it was there but commented out so I uncommented it:

Code: Select all

Section "Device"

    Identifier  "SabayonVga0"
    Driver      "intel"
    #BusID    "PCI:00:02"
    #Option "RenderAccel" "on"
    #Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps"
    #Option "BusType" "PCI"
    #Option "ColorTiling" "on"
    Option "EnablePageFlip" "on"
    Option "UseEvents" "True"
    Option "LogoPath" "/usr/share/backgrounds/sabayonlinux-nvidia.png"

After that do a reboot or restart your X from the tty (I think rebooting is the best way to check tho), and see if it improves. If it causes any issues, just reboot and log into the tty and edit the xorg.conf using a tty, and reset it (just comment out the line because you will need it later).

I found an additional symptom of this bug which might help solve it for the developers. You can also check this before and after for confirmation. I had one of two boot modes which happened somewhat randomly (they usually alternate):

a) all the graphics in KWin would lag, but when I run a game in fullscreen (OpenGL games like WorldOfGooDemo, MegaGlest, Spring etc), they worked fine.

b) all the graphics would be very fast (like how I said after updating to 2.13.0 intel driver) and no lag whatsoever, but when in games, there would be flicker constantly. Also, when watching videos it would flicker whenever it redraws the controls etc - that's probably why it crashed for you when watching videos.

With this enabled, it works fast (I feel mayble slightly slower than the fastest I have seen but still great) and there is no flicker whatsoever.

Anyways, if that alone your issues, GREAT! If not, you may also have to update your kernel to r6. This is a quite complicated process now (more complicated than is needed because of some current issues with the make vs. busybox version in our repos - more on that later, if needed).

For starters, read thishow-to but don't do anything yet as the genkernel compilation is bound to fail. So, if you need to do this, let me know and I will write up the steps for that.

Hoping this fixes it for you as well! (and my fix sticks *crosses fingers!*)

EDITED: color within code doesn't work.

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Re: Sabayon Suddenly Freeze

Post by Luposz » Sat Nov 13, 2010 22:28

I test doing that... Already enabled the PageFilp and the freeze effect continue =/
I really don't know what to do D:

I don't have the 2.13.0 intel driver installed, may be that's the problem?

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Re: Sabayon Suddenly Freeze

Post by magesha » Sun Nov 14, 2010 20:26

Luposz, sorry mate.. that might have been a red herring.. After some time or a reboot, the system is sometimes slow, or sometimes it is fast and crashes randomly. So, I don't think I have fixed my system.

At this point, I have done everything I and ppl who help me have thought of and I can't say anything has fixed the issue for sure. Right now, I have 2.12.0 intel driver and the latest kernel (both are in entropy so you don't need to build them or any such complications I was trying before), and the system is mostly stable and fast, although I have had occasional crashes. I am going to let it be for now and wait and watch to see if future improvements solve the issue.

Overall, I am happy because I did learn how to do some fun things with Sabayon. You are welcome to try a few things that I did, but I can't say any of these fixed the issues for sure:

1. for intel driver 2.13.0, you need it from Portage. You can check my thread where Fitz gave instructions for this.
2. Kernel 2.6.35-r6: This is quite complicated to compile and install, and I think whatever the fix that this brought is included in 2.6.36 kernel, so you are better off with that one. Just follow the HOW TO in the entropy section of portage.


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