Lightweight applications for fluxbox

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Lightweight applications for fluxbox

Post by radolx » Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:52

Hi I am looking for the most lightweight applications running in fluxbox, that dont need so much dependencies:
archiver: xarchiver
audio player - sonata
burning tool
file manager: thunar, gentoo, pcmanfm, rox
icq client: centericq
image viewer-editor: mirage, feh, mtpaint
internet browser: dillo, flock
jabber client
network manager: wicd
office: siag
p2p client
pdfviewer: epdfview
system panel: fbpanel, lxpanel
video player - mplayer
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Re: Lightweight applications for fluxbox

Post by lazevedo » Fri Aug 07, 2009 13:38

what i recommend:

audio player - audacious (not sure about the amount of dependencies), mpg123 (CLI)
burning tool - you probably have cdrecord installed (CLI), there's also burn-cd (CLI)
p2p client - [there may be others, but i only know about] rTorrent (CLI), TinyP2P (CLI), and uP2P, which IMO is the most lightweight p2p client ever (CLI)
file manager: emelfm or emelfm2 (nice and clean, but has no fancy stuff), or good old mc (midnight commander)


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