KDE4.2.4: unresponsive when too much memory used

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KDE4.2.4: unresponsive when too much memory used

Post by amoebios » Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:27

Sorry for the lousy wording of the title. Well, it's like this: sometimes the memory usage (or processor?) peaks out and renders the system almost unusable. I say almost, because when i manage to close the app that's causing the problem the system becomes responsive again after a while. Here are 2 scenarios:
1. Nexuiz (3d game): FPS-hungry part of map on screen
2. Firefox: http://soundcloud.com/sc0rp

I noticed sometimes "updatedb" pops up and hogs the memory, then disappears again.

On KDE3.5 there was a Runaway Process Catcher Kicker applet that would prevent something like this.
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Re: KDE4.2.4: unresponsive when too much memory used

Post by WarraWarra » Mon Jul 27, 2009 23:12

512mb / 1024mb ram you should kill what is not really needed.

Make sure you have swap active.
Check with

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df -h

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You can have a fake swap in /tmp if no swap partition but this is a bit confusing to setup if not used to it.

You could also try to

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equo deptest ; equo libtest
You will need to get "NICENESS="19" there should be a more effective niceness setting / global setting possibly in /etc/conf.d somewhere or in the game specific config.

Kill all the stuff you do not need to run like top right of the screen next to time is the sulfur/equo update app , only needs to run once a day or manually update using sulfur / equo.
Beagle search / indexing = kill if not using it.
Do you need language support next to time, likely not.

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