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Baby Hen
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Post by TimmyTurner » Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:03

i actually prefer gnome to kde.i am looking for help to get gnome installed.
so far i have SL up and working fine for the most part,but i am still trying to wrap my mind all around emerge and how to add and remove various packages.
i am usually good with using the search box/button but i seem to be unable to find the thing i am looking for.and i am not exactly sure of what i am looking for anyway.
so can i get some help? :) i'd like to know in a nutshell what this means:
emerge-i assume this is adding/installing
un emerge- removing package
ebuild-this is info pertaining to what i am trying to install?
update world--is this for updates for SL as it's current state is on my comp right now?
and info on removing packages that are blocking other packages.when i try to install gnome it gives me a message that one package(sorry cant recall which one) is blocking an older/newer version of the same package.

and thanks for the community at large--it is awesome to have a helpful , involved community to ask for all are awesome!! and sorry in advance for my newb ways :P


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Re: gnome

Post by wolfden » Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:16

have you looked at the wiki? It has a portage guide: ... tage_Guide

than we have -

Also get to know gentoo wiki - tons of howtos:

like: ... e_End-User

Than you have the gentoo documentation:

Than there is the handbook, chapter on portage: ... t=2&chap=1
That will explain masked, blocked, installing, uninstalling etc......

more on masked?

If you spend sometime on those links, I guarantee you will have most of your questions answered. It's all there, just got to spend some time reading it, but it's easy to read and understandable. It just takes time for it to come together

EDIT - our installer gives u the option to install gnome btw

Baby Hen
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Re: gnome

Post by TimmyTurner » Thu Jun 12, 2008 1:59

thanks wolfden!!
i am off to do some reading--w00t! :cyclops:

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