Minor Font and appearance issues.

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Minor Font and appearance issues.

Post by bongadadu » Sun May 11, 2008 11:46

Hi all,

Just switched from Arch Linux to Sabayon and the transition is pretty neat.

Ive finally adjusted the KDE theme to my suiting but no matter what I do, the font look absolutely terrible as do the widgets in firefox. My eyes start to burn after looking at the LCD after a while.

This is how they look


I have the subpixel hinting set to full, but still no major difference. Infact they look worse at full hinting than at medium. Also as you can see the Firefox widgets and forms look horrible, the circle buttons are not smooth and the buttons, text field look weird as well.

The fonts in KDE apps look slightly better but GTK apps look terrible, I have the options in KDE selected to use KDE fonts for GTK apps as well.

I want the cleartype look of XP and VISTA fonts as they are much more suited for LCD screens, for reference this is how they looked in Arch Linux;


In Arch I managed to solve the above problems by using cairo-lcd package and libxft-lcd package for fonts and a firefox beautifier app for the widgets. None of which I find in Sabayon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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