Recovery entries in desktop menu [Solved]

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Recovery entries in desktop menu [Solved]

Postby nihil0 » Sun Apr 06, 2008 21:23

Hi all, I'm new on this forum and I hope to get some easy help, since my question is really poor. I wrote my question on forum too but no answer till now. I searched around how to do this, but I didn't find nothing useful: I would like to recovery the original entries in my kde desktop menu (right click on desktop), because now when I go to "Create new" there's nothing to choose. I found articles about servicemenu, but i don't think that's the point bc it's just right the desktop menu, I would expect to find a regular file having all the default settings (eg /usr/kde/3.5/share/config/kdesktop_custom_menu1 for the custom desktop menu). I tried to remerge kdesktop, but it didn't help. I know that my answer could be very banal, but thank u anyway.

[kde-3.5.8; 2.6.23-sabayon-r1; Sabayon 3.4f]
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[SOLVED]: Recovery entries in desktop menu

Postby nihil0 » Mon Apr 07, 2008 2:28

Hey guys, I got it. It was really simple but I haven't been able to find some solution till now. Looking around I noticed that menu in the konqueror window (eg Modify --> Create New) have the same entries, then no entry in my case, like desktop menu (Right click on desktop --> Create New). So I found that to change konqueror menu, you have to add items in "/usr/kde/3.5/share/templates/".
Then, since that directory on my system is empty, I checked out the owner

# equery belongs /usr/kde/3.5/share/templates/

[ Searching for file(s) /usr/kde/3.5/share/templates in *... ]
kde-base/kdebase-kioslaves-3.5.8 (/usr/kde/3.5/share/templates)

Tada!!! It was just enough to remerge that package, now everything works fine. Hope it will be a bit useful, see ya!
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Re: Recovery entries in desktop menu

Postby wolfden » Mon Apr 07, 2008 11:35

mentioned several time on forum already

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