problems after install? need help :(

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problems after install? need help :(

Post by geon106 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 2:41

I used Sabayon a while back and after install the 3D games and Beryl where there ready to go, however i recently downloaded 3.4f and have installed it onto my laptop, but no 3D games and Beryl wasn't there(Although they was when I ran it as a LiveCD[well, Berly was in the form of Compiz but i beleive it does the same job). I managed to get Emerald semi-working at the loss of taskbars lol. I'm now reinstalling Sabayon but i'm wondering if maybe i've downloaded the wrong version?

I downloaded the full 4.4 GB odd dvd as I want all the software i can get.

I'm running it on a AMD Sempron 2600+, NVIDIA GeforceFX 5200Go, 512MB of DDR RAM.

I'm a complete n00b and completely lost :(

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Re: problems after install? need help :(

Post by wolfden » Tue Mar 04, 2008 7:25

verify your md5sum of the iso and burn at slow speeds

as far as games, make sure you select them in the installer

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