KDE - can't create new folder [Solved]

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KDE - can't create new folder [Solved]

Postby BlueJayofEvil » Sun Feb 03, 2008 21:34

I'm not sure what I did for KDE to punish me like this, but for some reason I can't creat a new folder, file, etc from the right-click menu in Konqueror. All I have is Create New -> Link to device -> (thin blank box)
This also happens in the Edit menu as well.
I don't recall doing anything that could cause this. I copied some files from some cd's and dvd's I have (backups of pictures, etc) to my hard drive, played Quake 3 Arena, and chatted with friends on Kopete.
Is anyone else having this problem? And if so, is there a way to fix it without reinstalling Sabayon? Any help would be appreciated.

Attached is a screenshot of the menu I currently get.

EDIT: I've got this problem solved. Apparently something I emerged "updated" KDE to version 3.97.0. The solution was simple:
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# emerge =kdelibs-3.5.8-r10 kdesktop konqueror && emerge kdebase-kioslaves
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Re: KDE - can't create new folder

Postby wolfden » Mon Feb 04, 2008 0:15

yes, this been mentioned many times on the forum
need to install kioslaves
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