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Post by nelsooon » Tue Jan 29, 2008 14:01

Hi all,
I'v a Thinkpad T43 (IBM), with an ATI Radeon X300 video card.
With Sabayon 3.4 and XGL installed, i'v about 3500fps when running glxgears (3D effects with compiz-fusion are perfect).
With Sabayon 3.5 and AIGLX installed, i'v about 1900fps when running glxgears (3D effects are slower), i'v the same result with my "personalized" gentoo with latest drivers...

So, should i use the XGL with my latest gentoo distrib ? how can i install it, because emerge xgl doesn't work (xgl removed from portage).
When updating my gentoo, is there any way to "protect" my xgl package from being removed and replaced by another package ?
thanks for help.

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Re: XGL vs AIGLX on IBM T43

Post by DontPanic » Tue Jan 29, 2008 16:34

I went through this about two months ago, trying to figure it out.

I concluded that xgl truly was on the way out, and it was a waste of my time to fight that battle.

I think it might be possible, but it became a game of 'whack-a-mole', where as soon as I'd fix one issue, that would generate another issue somewhere else.

Also, that was two or three months ago, and xgl is quickly slipping completely out of the picture. You'd be locking yourself into a stale set of packages and preventing yourself from incorporating a wide range of other new developments.

I liked the speed of xgl, but it was a memory hog, and it didn't work seemlessly with everything. I was scanning through the xgl development cvs tree, and it appears to me that they quit actively developing this package about two or three years ago, and show no indications of picking it up again. People have been valiantly applying bandages to the package for that last year or so in order to extend it's life, but those efforts are tappering off.

I've developed the impression that xgl has turned into a kind of "Franken-package" with all the patches and fixes, and each release only works with a specific rev level of other packages, and the rev levels of the packages it works with no longer work with each other because those packages have moved along.

Anyhow, thats my 2 cents. If someone can show us how it's done, I might go back and give it another try.
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