full screen programs on dualscreen desktop

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full screen programs on dualscreen desktop

Postby paintball9 » Mon Jan 28, 2008 1:46

I just got my dual desktop set up, almost the way i like it, its two seperate cubes so 8 desktops in all, and the mouse moves between the screens. My problem is full screen games like sauerbraten though, when i start them in either one of the desktops they take up the entire screen and lock the mouse inside them, the other monitor continues to work but i cant get my mouse over there to do anything with it, is there a way I can bind a command to unlock the mouse or switch it between the desktops, if not then please consider this a suggestion as an added feature for the next release. (windows has a similar issue only it actually shuts down the second display when i enter full screen, i wouldn't mind some input on that problem either but I'm not sure if anyone here would have experience in that area.)
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