How to turn off glx from command line

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How to turn off glx from command line

Post by edi_meister » Mon Dec 24, 2007 4:10

On one older 32-bit machine, aiglx sort of works, but not well, and glx makes an unreadable desktop. GLX was turned on and it always boots with an unreadable login screen. I can ssh to the machine from another box and stop/start xdm.

Using the command line, how do I disable the glx? What config file do I need to edit and what do I need to change? Is there a way to do a "safe mode" boot so I can run the acceleration manager and disable it?

I did try to do ssh -X machine in hopes of running acceleration-manager by remote X, but I don't have that properly configured yet, and it couldn't find a display tunnel.

How do I do this without having to reinstall?



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Re: How to turn off glx from command line

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Mon Dec 24, 2007 17:29

From the command line as root, try aiglx-setup disable and xgl-setup disable

See the SL Wiki: ... er_Install

(You may have to emerge desktop-acceleration-helpers first if that package is not already installed.)

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