Sierra Wireless EM7455 Mobile Broadband card, Lenovo X260

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Sierra Wireless EM7455 Mobile Broadband card, Lenovo X260

Postby WildeGeist » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:00

I just filed a Bug report # 5336 asking for the Gentoo modemanager 1.6 upgraded from modemanager 1.4

I was told libqmi 1.16.2 as well as libmbim 1.14.0 are needed as well, but are in the repositories.

This is for the Mobile Broadband Sierra Wireless EM7455 support in a Lenovo X260 Thinkpad Model 20F6CTO1WW

Intel i7
T-Mobile SIM

I posted this for others to follow. The information elsewhere is pretty scant. The Sabayon Community really jumped right on it and narrowed it down to what all is necessary in a matter of minutes. Very impressive :D
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