Mobile Broadband - Huawei - Install

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Mobile Broadband - Huawei - Install

Post by shimmi » Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:31

Hello, for my job, I often have to climb up network/telecomm towers to service them here in Australia. My employer gives us Huawei mobile broadband usbsticks/dongles to use while we are up there(arn't they great *thumbsdown) I've really been liking Sabayon and i couldn't find any documentation about how to install them on Sabayon, so i'm writing this in the newbies area incase anyone is having trouble.

You actually need a internet connection.... turn on mobile hotspot on your phone if you're real desperate. you wont need much data.

Code: Select all

su - 
equo update
equo install unrar

/* i was in a hurry, but i believe plugdev and networkmanager are already included in groups */
/* but just incase lets do it anyway */

Code: Select all

su - 

/* now we are root, create a group named "networkmanager" */
# groupadd networkmanager

/* add yourself to the group */
# gpasswd -a yourUserName networkmanager

/* add to plugdev too */ 
# gpasswd -a yourUserName plugdev
Moving on....
1. Go here ... Driver.rar
2. Download that file, sorry i know it's in a .rar file.... hopefully you've read the start of this post and know you need unrar.
3. Right click it, wherever you've downloaded it, and extract it.

Open a Terminal... you don't have to use root, but you'll need sudo, fyi.

Code: Select all

$ cd HUAWEIdriverFolder(orsomethinglikethat)

/* there's a tar ball...... extract it */
$ sudo tar -xvzf HUAWEIdriveFolder(orsomethinglikethat)

/* now you will have a file called "driver" ... cd to it */
$ cd driver
$ sudo chmod 777 install
$ sudo ./install
This will fail, and will throw more messages than a first year java student, hit enter 10 or 15 times. you'll keep getting errors.

Reboot your machine

Once booted....
Go to SYSTEM --> Preferences --> netwowrk Connections, and as per set up your mobile broadband connection. Make sure you select the HUAWEI MOBILE BROADBAND DEVICES, instead of the "any device" when you set up the connection.

Done. Should work, its worked on 4 different stupid dongle/usb modems, Huawei ones anyways.


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Re: Mobile Broadband - Huawei - Install

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:22

Thanks. You might like to create an article in the SL Wiki, as the SL Wiki would would probably be one of the places people would look for instructions.

I'm moving this thread to the Networking & Wireless shed (forum), as it's a better fit.

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Re: Mobile Broadband - Huawei - Install

Post by justrlx93 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 16:46

Hi all, i've tried this method to solve USB modem connection issue, but it's not helped, could anyone give me some right advice, what needed to get connection?
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