Strange thing with wifi

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Strange thing with wifi

Post by developer1 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 16:26


have been using Sabayon for many years now, havent got an issue for 2+ years, its time problems start appearing...... when browsing web, my Sabayon sometimes looses network connectivity. It happens randomly - sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes every day or so.....

And at times I cannot even reconnect as networking feature is gone. Than I have to re-login to the DE and its back.....
I thought it was DE fault but after switching DE (by uninstalling LXDE and instaling Mate) - thing returned.
Whats strange, on other distro (have dualboot with Arch LXDE) everything works fine.

Being Sabayon user I do not want to change distro as I really like Sabayon, but I also want to use freedom of laptop and dont want to be tied to rj45 cable.....

Do you have any suggestions?

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Re: Strange thing with wifi

Post by wolfden » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:52

might help if you list the hardware of your wifi adapter

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