How to create bridge with systemd

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How to create bridge with systemd

Post by dulo » Mon Apr 14, 2014 18:28

network manager doesnt seem to support bridges yet ( there is some stuff in the ui but its doesnt work )
Has anybody a working setup ? I am still quite unfamiliar with systemd.
There also seems to be a problem with the open-iscsi package. the config files installed by equo contain wrong paths to the iscsiadm and the initiator name is not set.

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Re: How to create bridge with systemd

Post by Honeyman » Sun Apr 27, 2014 16:20


I am looking into the same issue, as I'm trying to set up KVM, which for some configuration also needs network bridging. I have no solution, but have you looked into the following howtos/links?
Hopefully that helps your at least somewhat along the way
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