Static network configuration / networking in general

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Static network configuration / networking in general

Post by mark_ » Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:36

Can someone please tell me how the networking generally works on Sabayon? Maybe this is an RTFM question, but I didn't find the FM, especially one that is not outdated, talking about OpenRC and stuff.

Do you use NetworkManager to use dhcp? Does systemd provide everything (I read that systemd takes over the networking stuff)? Are the old config files like /etc/conf.d/net still usable (which is OpenRC)?

I migrated to systemd some time ago and since the last upgrade, I think to systemd 208, the network settings don't get applied anymore. I used a static IP and route in /etc/conf.d/net and I hate all auto-magic because it is unreliable.
So I am confused to the max right now where the problem is and use ifconfig and route by hand after booting so far.

So it could be networkmanager, which fails to start:
<error> [1394868222.845671] [main.c:547] main(): failed to initialize settings storage: Could not load plugin 'ifnet': /usr/lib64/NetworkManager/ no such file or directory
That doesn't make me unhappy because I'd rather get rid of it but I also read that it is used to read the /etc/conf.d/net file, which I want to use.

If I start digging now, I'm going to be busy for several hours, finding everything out (which holds until the next update, I guess) so it's better to ask. So: How? :|

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Re: Static network configuration / networking in general

Post by tollgate » Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:24

Well I'm using systemd and KDE, and I just use network manager (from the tray) same as always.

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Re: Static network configuration / networking in general

Post by belcocco » Sun Mar 16, 2014 10:57

openrc is a old thing. Forget how it worked. Now there is systemd. :lol:
Please output:
#systemctl status NetworkManager

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Re: Static network configuration / networking in general

Post by mark_ » Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:32

ok, I had time to fix this now.
  • /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf contained plugins=ifnet,keyfile and systemd printed Could not load plugin 'ifnet': /usr/lib64/NetworkManager/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.
    I removed ifnet, then NetworkManager was able to start, it defaulted to dhcp though.
  • /etc/conf.d/net is useless now
  • The german Ubuntu wiki [1] writes that I have to create a config file in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections. The downside is: the wiki only shows some example entries, no full list and the NetworkManager homepage does neither. They want you to use a GUI for that (I already hate those developers).
  • I use KDE and have no idea where I have to configure the network there and I don't want to use a GUI tool ever. Ever!1!! But as the nm homepage does not list how to create the config file, I installed nm-applet (nice; gnome tool for KDE... prepare to get deleted soon) and used it to create my config.
My /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eth0 looks like:

Code: Select all




The [802-3-ethernet] section seems to be optional, so I removed it (who uses half duplex? Why would I force the MAC?)
The [connection] section contains the id aka the filename (does it have to match? The Ubuntu wiki writes "_should_ match") aka my interface name. You could use some other string though.
One can use uuidgen to generate a random UUID and enter it into the uuid-field. I have no clue why this is needed, my id is unique, but be my guest...
Type needs to be 802-3-ethernet (I never needed to set this before... but be my guest again)
Timestamp... set to 0 or whatever time it is now. The GUI uses it to tell when the settings were changed. Which I guess. Totally useless junk that eats disk space and boot/if-up time.
Then there are sections for ipv6 and ipv4.
Method=auto/manual are needed for dhcp/manual configuration. The nm-applet had even more (six) options.
dns sets the nameserver; at least two can be set and each one needs to end with a semicolon.
address1 (are there more possible, like address2 address3...? I guess and hope so) sets the first IP, you can use CIDR notation (the Ubuntu wiki uses semicolon as netmask separator, dunno if this is a typo). The gateway follows in the same line, divided by a comma (Ubuntu uses semikolon again).

The nm-applet allows more options like 801.x security, route entries, VPN and whatever and it would be nice to know how to config all this stuff without any program.

I think they think we should all use dhcp and GUI tools; that hurts. OpenRC was much more powerful and had a very nicely documented example file. NetworkManager is a large pile of crap, so if systemd takes over the network config in the future, I'd remove NM with pleasure.

That's all for now, thanks for your replies. I am going to remove the gnome junk and it's dependencies from my system now.

[1] ... r_ohne_GUI

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