Again: Bluetooth problems (KDE 4.12.1) [Solved]

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Re: Again: Bluetooth problems (KDE 4.12.1) [Solved]

Postby linuxfluesterer » Sat Aug 02, 2014 19:33

Hallo again, Fitz, hallo guys.
It seems, the bluetooth problems here in KDE (4.13.3 now with upgrade today) were solved.
I can make Skype calls with a bluetooth headset (Nokia BH-505) and also listen a movie with Kaffeine or VLC also.
And though it seems also, that KDE bt systray symbol has forgotten my Samsung Note 3 from yesterday, I could simply send a photo from that Note 3 to my notebook without reregistration.
I'm happy now. Some things need time, but if we have luck....

-Linuxfluesterer (I love KDE ...)
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Re: Again: Bluetooth problems (KDE 4.12.1) [Solved]

Postby Fitzcarraldo » Sun Aug 03, 2014 0:02

Good to know. I see bluez-5.21-r1 is in the Entropy Limbo repository, so you should be getting it in the Sabayon Weekly repository shortly, and perhaps that version will solve your problem with BlueDevil (or Bluez, I'm not sure which) forgetting your Note 3.

The only minor problem with bluez-5.21-r1 is that the directory you specify for saving downloaded files is ignored and all the files are instead saved in your $HOME directory (i.e. all files I send from my phone to my laptop are saved in /home/fitzcarraldo/ even though I specified a different directory via BlueDevil). But that is hardly important considering that file transfers did not work at all for me before Bluez 5.21-r1 was released (there was a bug in Bluez-5.21 for OpenRC users which prevented file transfers). Anyway, I expect the target directory bug will be fixed in Bluez 5.22.

Bluetooth in Linux is a pain in the neck. I wonder how long before it breaks again? :roll:
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