home network lay out?

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home network lay out?

Post by Bradford1040 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:18

I have been looking into setting up a dynamic DNS with Dhcp server [and file server, ftp, and torrents, ext....]

Now I think I got it as far as the software goes but stuck on how it should be laid out, I was looking into

Internet---------Sabayon PC Server[in it's entirety]----WiFi Router------Windows + Linux Clients, gaming and wifi devices

but I am not 100% sure ok not even 10% sure lol how to set it up so they all can talk to one another plus I don't want the router doing DHCP kinda wanted the server to do that so I guess I need to disable the DHCP setting in the WiFi right? Then what?

I am sure I will finally Google it at some point but the right words have not got into my search bar yet lol,

I am open to any other lay outs that will work under what I am trying to do, I have two NIC's on my server and figured that was the best way of setting it up, but as stated I really am not sure so please help :oops:

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