install and unstall packages

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install and unstall packages

Post by gohan21d » Mon Feb 08, 2010 23:15

hello i am new to sabayon 5.0 and i need to learn how to install and uninstall packages. i want to start my first package installation with ndiswrapper.tar. please help

Sagely Hen
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Re: install and unstall packages

Post by micia » Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:05

Hi, welcome to Sabayon.
Sabayon uses entropy and portage as package managers.

entropy can install binary packages and is by far easier than portage, its frontends are
equo (console mode) and sulfur (GUI).

portage has usually more up to date packages, packages are installed directly from source code,
thus they are more configurable and efficient.
Portage is a very advanced tool and probably is not what a novice user would appreciate :)
emerge is the console mode frontend for portage.

What is very, very important is: manually installing software is NOT supported and discouraged.

Read the wiki for more informations:
and the Gentoo wiki for more informations on portage/emerge: ... t=2&chap=1

For example in order to install ndiswrapper you should run, in a console as root:

Code: Select all

equo update
equo install --ask entropy equo sulfur
equo install --ask ndiswrapper
This will:
update your package list
install the latest package manager version
install ndiswrapper

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