Denyhosts crashing [Solved]

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Denyhosts crashing [Solved]

Postby bailchanis » Wed Oct 14, 2009 22:05

Hi everyone,

I have some troubles to get denyhosts (app-admin/denyhosts-2.6-r1) working on my recently installed sabayon 4.2 (2.6.29-sabayon).

here are the symptoms :

- The install went properly using sulfur
- I barely changed the /etc/denyhosts.conf since i'm quite fine with the default conf

when I start the daemon everything seems ok :

Code: Select all
# /etc/init.d/denyhosts start
* Starting DenyHosts daemon...       [ ok ]

but when I double check if it's running I get some bad news

Code: Select all
/etc/init.d/denyhosts status
* status: crashed

looking at the /var/log/denyhosts is not much informative :

Code: Select all
009-10-14 22:52:28,554 - denyhosts   : INFO     launching DenyHosts daemon (version 2.6)...
2009-10-14 22:52:28,556 - denyhosts   : INFO     DenyHosts daemon is now running, pid: 8603
2009-10-14 22:52:28,556 - denyhosts   : INFO     send daemon process a TERM signal to terminate cleanly
2009-10-14 22:52:28,556 - denyhosts   : INFO       eg.  kill -TERM 8603
2009-10-14 22:52:28,558 - denyhosts   : INFO     monitoring log: /var/log/messages
2009-10-14 22:52:28,558 - denyhosts   : INFO     sync_time: 3600
2009-10-14 22:52:28,558 - denyhosts   : INFO     purging of /etc/hosts.deny is disabled
2009-10-14 22:52:28,558 - denyhosts   : INFO     denyhosts synchronization disabled

/var/log/message doesnt give me a clue either

I tried installing it from portage : it compiles fine and seems to get installed properly but the same problem arises...

I'm sort of running out of ideas as to what going wrong.

Anyone have the issue ? should I file a bug report ?

any help appreciated,

Baby Hen
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Re: Denyhosts crashing

Postby bailchanis » Mon Jan 18, 2010 18:01

Hi again,

I found the solution from gentoo forum (older post than my problem but the solution might be usefull to anyone so I put the ref here ) :

fixing an ever-crashing denyhost
Baby Hen
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