Can't set up a DSL connection

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Re: Can't set up a DSL connection

Postby sorath » Fri Sep 11, 2009 19:00

I have dsl, but I have my pppoe all setup in the router so I never have to mess with username/passwords/dsl setups. It saves a headache for all distros. I'm not a fan of NM at all and our future releases will have wicd as an option also. I use wicd myself.

At first I want thank developers for Sabayon - detecting of hardware and instalation works great ( Sabayon 4.2) on my system.

But after completing of instalation I met the same problem - I was not able to connect over pppoe - there was no any appropriate package ("rp-pppoe") on the instalation dvd. I had to download it's source files (and it's dependencies such as "ppp") through local network from my another computer and emerge it (after compiling the instalation failed due to impossibility overwriting of early existent broken "tk-pppoe" symlink, if I don't confuse myself :) - but after it's deleting instalation was succesfuly finished).

I realize that it is more rationally and comfortable to setup pppoe in the dsl-router, but I need connect to internet through server in local network as my provider grant internet connection over pppoe without dsl-router :(

In Gentoo I used "pppoe-setup" typed in console after emerging "rp-pppoe" to setup pppoe-connection without any gui of NetworkManagers. After configuring pppoe/adsl via "pppoe-setup" dialog I just type
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#route add default dev ppp0

(it may be usefull to create script of autostart of connection and place it in /etc/init.d/)

There is no support of PPPoE/DSL yet currently in "wicd" as mentioned on it's homepage:
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Re: Can't set up a DSL connection

Postby sorath » Fri Sep 18, 2009 20:43

Could developers add "rp-pppoe" package next release ? There is no this package installed in Sabayon-4.2 Gnome.

Without it some users are not available to establish internet connection at all after installation of Sabayon.
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Re: Can't set up a DSL connection

Postby Fitzcarraldo » Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:36

I don't use PPP and have no experience with it. However, I recommend that one of you guys that do want to use it and are having a problem or know a fix, use the Sabayon Issue/Bug Tracker (see Bugs link at the the top of this page) and file a bug report. This would hopefully bring it to the attention of the developers, and reinforce your requests via the SL forums. That would be helpful.
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Re: Can't set up a DSL connection

Postby marcelo.f.araujo » Mon Oct 12, 2009 23:07

I've been using Sabayon for the last 2 years because it is really beautiful. You have done a great job!
But I am giving up on Sabayon 5.0 for the same reason, no adsl.
There is one more thing I think is strange; no more Compiz on the DVD.
I didn't install it to check if compiz can be installed, but I can't impress my pals at work anymore... :-(
Hope you change that because it is the best propaganda you have!
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Re: Can't set up a DSL connection

Postby totedati » Wed Dec 23, 2009 15:44

hummmm ... my latest search bring up this:
Bug 943 - Missing a package to configure pppoe connection OOTB
Paolo Basso 2009-10-11 00:18:37 CEST

Some users found that is missing a package that allows to configure OOTB and on
a fresh installed system a pppoe connection.
The package is already in entropy, only need to be added to the future iso
The package is net-dialup/rp-pppoe.
Actually we have in entropy net-dialup/rp-pppoe-3.10-r1

Comment 1 Ian Whyman 2009-10-12 14:01:36 CEST

Target 5.1 assign to Lxnay

Comment 2 Fabio Erculiani 2009-11-28 15:57:54 CET

marked for inclusion in 5.1.

look like will be in next sabayon release , v5.1 ... who is already out ... anybody can confirm, is net-dialup/rp-pppoe included in sabayon linux v5.1 livedvd?
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Re: Can't set up a DSL connection

Postby marcelo.f.araujo » Fri Apr 23, 2010 17:00

I know it is quite late to post something about this issue, but for the sake that someone hits this page and think DSL conection will be an isssue when installing Sabayon, I'm glad to say:

DSL connection works like a charm! 8)

And the best: compiz is back on the DVD!

I'm installing 5.2 this weekend.

Thank you Sabayon palls!!
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