NetworkManager Memleaks

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NetworkManager Memleaks

Post by chickpea » Fri May 02, 2008 3:13

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     Available versions:  (~)0.6.4_pre20061223[1] (~)0.6.4_pre20070122-r1[1] (~)0.6.4_pre20070122-r2[1] -*0.6.4_pre20070208[1] (~)0.6.4_pre20070213[1] (~)0.6.4_pre20070213-r1[1] (~)0.6.4_pre20070308[1] (~)0.6.5-r4[1] (~)0.6.5-r5[1] (~)0.6.5-r6[1] 0.6.5_p20070823 0.6.5_p20070823-r1[1] 0.6.5_p20070823-r2[1] (~)0.6.5_p20080205 (~)0.6.6 (~)0.6.6-r1[1] {applet crypt debug doc gnome}
    [b][color=#4040FF]Installed versions:  Version: 0.6.6[/color][/b]
                          Date:    11:37:56 PM 03/18/2008
                          USE:     crypt -debug -doc -gnome
     Best versions/slot:  (~)0.6.6-r1[1]
     Recommendation:      Upgrade
     Description:         Network configuration and management in an easy way. Desktop environment independent.
     License:             GPL-2
Using top, I can watch Network Manager slowly, slowly accumulate more and more memory. It starts out at around 8% and slowly creeps up until the system becomes totally unusable.

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Re: NetworkManager Memleaks

Post by xlnagla » Thu May 08, 2008 3:55

they fixed it on their side, should hit us soon if it hasn't already.


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Re: NetworkManager Memleaks

Post by WarraWarra » Fri May 09, 2008 19:58

Nice to hear it is fixed.

Just keep a eye on recent versions of tor / privoxy / vidalia as well if running. Some combination of several programs running can trigger it ? but likely fixed already.

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