SL + weak signal monkey fix here.

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SL + weak signal monkey fix here.

Post by WarraWarra » Tue Apr 15, 2008 16:10

Not sure how many people have had bad signal from their wifi and have wished that they could improve it.
This is a DIY thing that works for me + laptop.
Either way this seems to work well enough to be used in SL as well as in windows etc.

By accident I stumbled onto a website that lists plenty freaky ways of getting your wifi signal stronger or reducing the noise and fine tunning the signal.
Blah blah it gona cost a lot of money = no.

I tried the coke / fanta can + old busted wifi router antenna trick and it work well enough for even wep / wpa or similar to work in some of the live cd's we had + ipw3945 cards that gave a few nasty error's.
This cost me 1 can of soda's price or a old fruit tin can / veg tin can / soup tin / pringles chips bottle thingy can work as well.

What do I need coke can =
1 coke cola can that is empty +
scissors that can cut it +
likely some gloves / protective glases / sun glases just in case +
something to make a hole in the bottom of the can for antenna / antenna cable +
some form of antenna either with a extension for your laptop / wifi card + antenna or just antenna with long enough cable.

The idea is simple if you have seen a satelite dish then you are 90% there = cut tin in half + remove top part to form a half pipe and the bottom gets a hole for the wire of the antenna or similar.
The antenna needs to be upright / parallel to the can with glue or something so that it is similar to a solar reflector or satelite dish the signal gets focused onto the antenna and obviously the arched painted side of the can blocks outside interferrence / shielding it to some extent.

Same can be done with a metal type flower sieve from a kitchen + using a wifi usb stick + extension.

Results = more stable signal staying at 84/95 as compared to before it was 83 -> 91 / 91->93 changing each second + I can see 8 or more wifi signals close to me as compared to 2 or 3 as the wind blew inlcuding mine.

Now I can get wep / wpa wifi connections from inside the Stuborn SL live cd /dvd's we had issues with from across the street of my wifi router.

Obviously adding a cheap card board + tin foil similar idea to the router's antenna helps even more.
Here is the idea -- will post coke can link later.

Hope this helps clear up the wifi signals you are using + makes your SL experience a bit more fun for just the cost of a can of coke + time.

Here is the flower sieve and how to do it:

This one is briliant + compact: ... -Extender/

Coke can link / video: ... your_wifi/

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