automically switching between different wifi networks

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Simple Hen
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automically switching between different wifi networks

Post by jspeybro » Fri Mar 28, 2008 17:31


I installed sabayon, works flawlessly untill now on my laptop. I just had to modify also config to get sound working and use ndiswrapper for my wifi pcmcia card.

I'm currently connecting to an unprotected wireless access point that just does a check on mac address to allow people to connect to it.
when I'm at home, I have an encrypted network using wpa-psk. Does anyone know a solution to
1. store a configuration for each network I'm connecting to
2. search for unprotected networks if all configured networks fail (open wifi access points)
3. switch automatically between networks if for example I hibernate my laptop and move it to a location where I have one of the other configured wifi networks.

I've been searching a bit here and there and see so many different configurations, that I don't know which one fits my needs and is easy to setup on sabayon/gentoo.
If possible, I prefer not to use networkmanager as this is not configured at the moment and I'm not even using it.

any help or links to the right information on how it should be done is appreciated.



Sagely Hen
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Re: automically switching between different wifi networks

Post by xlnagla » Fri Mar 28, 2008 23:59

To put this simply, use network manager. If you're using wpa_supplicant then you'll have to write yourself a script for most of what you're trying to do. If you use networkmanager, everything you want is already default behavior. And if you're scared away because of the wpa bugginess I'm happy to report that's all but dissappeared in the new versions, re-emerge it before you use it. I know your configuration isn't set up for networkmanager at the moment, but it takes about 5 minutes to do.


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