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How do I install a dial-up USB Modem driver?

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 17:38
by Bob Weir
After several failures with other modems I now have a Dynamode USB V92 modem with a driver disk. This has three flavours of Linux driver :- dgcmodem-1.01 and dgcmodem-1.01-1-i386.rpm and dgcmodem-1.01-1-i386.deb but no read me or help information. I thought Sabayon was similar to Debian but I now don't know which command(s) to use to install a driver.

Can someone point me to, or describe to me, the procedure used to install the appropriate modem driver in v3.4f 32?

Sorry to have to ask, but dial-up information seems scarce and Sabayon is the first Linux that has installed from a CD/DVD and run without hiccups on my PC. If I can connect it to the Internet, I want to continue using it.

Re: How do I install a dial-up USB Modem driver?

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 0:40
by xlnagla
Hello, and good for you for downloading linux with Dailup.

You're going to want the one that's just plain binary or source code - so the first one you listed down there. Sabayon's more like Gentoo than anything else, which means you'll have to compile most everything from source. If the first listing is a directory, then there should be a readme in it, if not :

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make install
If it's a binary (not a directory), chmod 777 and ./dgcmodem-1.01 and then just follow the prompts.

Best of luck!


Re: How do I install a dial-up USB Modem driver?

Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 3:01
by xlnagla
Bob wrote:
Many thanks,
No success so far, but I'm progressing. Even the "basic" driver file contains references to Debian in its .in files. It seems I have to plod on and it's a steep learning curve. Will let you know if/when I succeed.

(always try to post back on your thread when it's still on the topic)

You could always try using portage, sabayon (and gentoo's) package manager to install the drivers for your modem - if all of the files on that disk were deb-specific, then just run "emerge dgcmodem" and hope someone was nice. Just might work