Issues with Broadcom BCM94311... unusual

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Issues with Broadcom BCM94311... unusual

Post by trev88 » Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:39

Hey guys i know tons of people have been posting on how to get the BCM43xx series cards working and i hate to add to them but unfortunately i have not been able to solve this issue on my own. So basically what i have already done was blacklist the bcm43xx driver and install the xp driver with ndiswrapper where it states that the device is now installed and present. The card may now switch on and off just fine and is recognized in the lspc.

However, it is still not recognized in the device section of KnetworkManager. When i tried dmesg i got ALOT of this "bcm43xx: FATAL ERROR: BCM43xx IRQ XMIT ERROR" ... so i figured an IRQ transmit error miiiiiiight be a problem.... if thats what it is

Anyone know what i am doing wrong? im using an HP DV2615NR and i have gotten every other bell and whistle working on it... but this network card is stubborn

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Re: Issues with Broadcom BCM94311... unusual

Post by chickpea » Mon Feb 11, 2008 21:27

Have you tried my helpful HOWTO? ... 52&t=12542

Like I said, ndiswrapper completely stopped working for me after ssb leaked in to the kernel. Sure ndiswrapper is much easier than patching and installing a custom kernel, but like I said, I had no choice as ndiswrapper just up and refused to work any more after version 5.0 came along.

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