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fragile internet conection, konqueror work but not firefox

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:12
by fmma
First I'm coming from OS-X, relative new to linux. I have a fair complivated setting (see below), but it worked very well under OS-X and XP

I have installed sabayon from the DVD and the network was working under the live DVD (tested with google earth).
After installing I observed the following:

1) terminal: ping, works but up tp 10% package lost
2) internet browsing with konqueror works
3) no connection with firefox

Acer Aspire SA90, core2duo E4500, ATI x1500 graphic card
I have installed a ethernet card (realtek) because the integrated with has a SiS191 chipset which is not recognised. Internal LAN adapter deactivated in bios, so the card is eth0.

Network setting

Netgear ADSL modem -> connected to linksys wireless router ------- wireless connection-----> Netgear WGPS606 wireless switch (4port) ---> Acer Aspire

dhcp is working.

I would appreciate your help. This will eb my last attempt to get linux up and running. I like sabayoln very much but the network is paramount for me


Re: fragile internet conection, konqueror work but not firefox

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 20:49
by x95tobos
As root, issue the following command at the prompt (or in a console):

# ifconfig eth0

You should see "stuff"- among it, an IP, for example (my router at home serves IP's through DHCP starting from 32 up). If you do not see that- you have a problem with your NIC card.

Then try other programs as well that access the net- for example some ftp client.

If these work- look into Firefox configuration and see if it is set to use a proxy server or some otherweird stuff.

Also try starting firefox from a console inside X, and see what error ifany you get, and post it back, maybe someone can help.

Good luck.