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NX Client

Post by Mr.Woo » Tue Jan 22, 2008 5:04

Anyone know why when I try to connect to my schools NX server my login just gets stuck at "Established a display connection." ? Here's the output from trying to connect:

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NXPROXY - Version 3.0.0

Copyright (C) 2001, 2007 NoMachine.
See http://www.nomachine.com/ for more information.

Info: Proxy running in client mode with pid '9529'.
Session: Starting session at 'Thu Dec 13 18:01:13 2007'.
Warning: Connected to remote version 2.1.0 with local version 3.0.0.
Info: Connection with remote proxy completed.
Info: Using LAN link parameters 1536/24/1/0.
Info: Using image streaming parameters 50/128/1024KB/6144/768.
Info: Using image cache parameters 1/1/65536KB.
Info: Using pack method '16m-rle-9' with session 'unix-kde'.
Info: Not using NX delta compression.
Info: Not using ZLIB data compression.
Info: Not using ZLIB stream compression.
Info: Not using a persistent cache.
Info: Forwarding X11 connections to display ':0.0'.
Session: Session started at 'Thu Dec 13 18:01:13 2007'.
Info: Established X server connection.
Info: Using shared memory parameters 1/2048K.
Session: Terminating session at 'Thu Dec 13 18:02:14 2007'.
Info: Waiting the cleanup timeout to complete.
Warning: Parent process appears to be dead. Exiting watchdog.

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