Question about Belkin Desktop Card before installing.

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Question about Belkin Desktop Card before installing.

Postby RazorBlade » Mon Dec 17, 2007 3:22

I was wondering if sabayon will support my Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card once I install sabayon on my other computer. It is not a USB stick, but rather a card that you fit in the PCI slot in a computer. It is the only thing that I fear of installing sabayon.
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Re: Question about Belkin Desktop Card before installing.

Postby WarraWarra » Thu Dec 20, 2007 13:31

It could work but post the parts / numbers or plug it in and run the live cd /dvd part of it and see if happy or not. Remeber to right click the knetworkmanager next to time top right to see if it sees any wifi networks once in live cd /dvd or installed.

Might while you try this post the "lspci"
as root in terminal / konsole using the word "root" as the root user password.
# su
# lspci
then copy and past it to a text file or write down the unkown part number 1342:ub76 or it will list a working driver for it.

Once we have this you should be able to know or get a answer for this. Mostly weard far out names / brands has a bit more issues with working but you can always use the ndiswrapper + windows something.inf driver file to get it to work.

This is no serious problem if there ends up being one.

Hope this helps
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