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Wireless down after world update [Solved]

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 15:20
by chickpea

HP dv6408nr
AMD Turionx86-62 x2 TL-56
Broadcom (f*ck!)4319 rev 2
Ndiswrapping the windows 32 bit driver
Was working flawlessly on a standard SL 3.4f build extremely stable, strong

Just updated to kde3.5.8 (including a ton 900+ of other updates)
I know for certain that the package linux-wlan-ng-something failed to build

Things I have done to get it working

Tried to reup with Knetworkmanager everytime it gets to 57% configuring ip . . . (incidentally, Knetworkmanager continues to see all available wireless networks around my apartment, so I know the card is working, at least somewhat)
restarted HAL (everything worked out ok Networkmanager went back up)
rmmod ndiswrapper, modprobe ndiswrapper

All to no avail. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Re: Wireless down after world update

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 6:06
by WarraWarra
dhcp or similar could be the problem.

28% = wpa /wep , 82% is dhcp ip adress allocate and 50+% about is likely the dhcp first stage of connect or having problems talking to wifi router as a result of software chinese to english and no translator.

Try this:
You can cheat using the live dvd and boot from it + cheat codes if needed.
Once inside it connect and get everything to normal working order no install / up / down grade any software only get wifi and screen to work correctly / devices recognized.

Next using ... art1_chap6

and follow the chroot part as this would give you similar to remote access as root inside it and then emerge the dhcp or failed ones or even just run "revdep-rebuild -X" same as what you would have as text login and it should fix the problem.
Note the failed emerges and run them as "emerge -s failed somehitn name here" then try to install them and on fail see the error message and try to fix it if not fixed by revdep-reuild -X

Once you are happy about the system and confident it is okay / working type exit and reboot , likely after reboot it should all work. If not document the failed thing or save it to desktop and live dvd +chroot again + access the save bug file and post on the site here.

"emerge -uDp ndiswrapper" should list or fix anything wifi related but check .inf and if ndiswrapper is happy like it used to just in case to find the problem.

Hope this helps.

Re: Wireless down after world update

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 15:43
by chickpea
Thanks Warra. I tried connecting via knetworkmanager through Konsole and it complained alot about dhcpdbd or whatever it's called. You're right that's probably my problem.

Although, hehe, I got impatient, rebooted, and since kde-desktop failed to emerge, I am now in the CLI, no worries though, I am running revdep-rebuild through a wired connection and hopefully will get kde back and working. once that happens, I can easily fix the dhcp issues. I think I may need to fiddle with ndiswrapper as on bootup, my wireless light has stopped working, so that says to me that ndiswrapper is not loading the .inf file correctly. Thanks for the help, I think I am close to resolving this.

Re: Wireless down after world update

Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 21:52
by chickpea
Not sure what I did, but now it works. thanks. :D