Updating Open Office?

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Updating Open Office?

Postby wadpro » Fri Aug 24, 2007 16:33

I use Sabayon in Greek but openoffice is not in Greek, its in English. I wanna update openoffice from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1 and change its language from English to Greek. What should I do?
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Re: Updating Open Office?

Postby WarraWarra » Fri Aug 24, 2007 19:57

As root user in terminal:
# su
# emerge -s openoffice
this will get the correct name for it then
# emerge -u openoffice??correctname
Once this is complete you can possibly in the openoffice itself set it to greek or you might have to same a Manos set the whole pc / SL to greek not sure.
You can also try gentoo.org forums / wiki for info if you can not get it here or openoffice website as likely someone there has done this already.

Best of luck.
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Re: Updating Open Office?

Postby Belial » Sat Aug 25, 2007 2:24


openoffice comes in two flavours, one source, one binary. The binary is offered because its a notoriously long compile (good few hours, depending on hardware)

The bets way to put language support into programs (including openoffice) is to add the country / language code in the make.conf, by default it comes with a line like

Code: Select all

if you changed that to LINGUAS="en el" (I think that is the greek language code) it will be added for every future build (I think KDE and open office are the only two that use it, i may be wrong)

Now you can just emerge -av openoffice-bin or emerge -av openoffice

youll be able to see if the greek language support is in from there (Note the above warning on the source OO.o, might want to use the binary and remove the other one after ;))

any probs, gimme a shout back

EDIT: You say you use all of sabayon in greek, which id assume you set it on the installation, if it isnt changing the language varibile, might be best to file a bug so it doesnt cause a language inconsistancy with future builds
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