Partition resizing and install help

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Partition resizing and install help

Post by b0ng0 » Wed Aug 22, 2007 16:04

I currently have my HD partitioned like this:

[Windows] [/home folder] [Ubuntu] [linux-swap]

I was wondering if it is possible to resize my ubuntu partition (it is only using 5GB out of 20GB) and install sabayon as well? Also, is it possible to resize the partition when installing sabayon or would I have to do it when running either windows or ubuntu?

One last question: I can't seem to find the mini edition of sabayon 3.4 anywhere and I noticed that the full dvd package comes with a ton of stuff I will never use (I dont really want KDE and all its apps), so during the sabayon install is there an option to choose what you want or would I have to install everything then manually uninstall it afterwards?

Thanks :)

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Re: Partition resizing and install help

Post by Belial » Wed Aug 22, 2007 19:18

The DVD is also a live DVD which does have Gparted on it which should let you manipulate your partitions in a GUI,

You can install only gnome, or only kde, or fluxbox, and there is a limited package selection process after, its not perfect, but keeps down most of the cruft :)

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Re: Partition resizing and install help

Post by WarraWarra » Wed Aug 22, 2007 20:09

3.4 cd version is not yet out , still working on it.

3.4? dvd needs a total of 20gb for linux , ie: 128mb /boot optional , +/- 1024mb /2048mb / 4096mb swap , and the remaining used for root partition. This ends up as total +/-12gb used in root partition including /home if you installed everything on the dvd. You would likely reuse the swap partition
You could get away with using less space / only select kde + p2p / internet and it should use a few less GB's of space. Mine avg's about 12gb inlcuing downloaded + installed + updated files in /usr/portage. Portage can grow to 1gb / 2gb / 4gb if not carefull / purged frequently.

Gparted should be able to resize your ubuntu just backup the info before doing it.

You can use virtualbox ontop of windows / ubuntu / osx or using vmware to run Sabayon in there if windows partition has more space and once used to Sabayon you can install it onto the hard drive.
PS> I have linked using live dvd 3.4a , a preformated empty 20gb ext3 .vdi image (download size = 1.5mb.rar) for virtualbox under the virtual pc part of the forums as this does save a lot of time by extracting the rar file after checking for viruses and repartition + install. Using the virtual hd creator it has to be "allocate space now" for sabayon or it would not work and allocating this space does take a long time + then formating it. Just use the 1.5mb .rar and extract about 10 to 20 mins extracting on normal speed pc. (growing space did not work for me last ime I tried)

Hope this helps.

Edit: SL 1.0 BE uses much less space and is ideal for virtual pc use , excludes games. ... 9841#49841

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