[solved)upgratedversion not work+exception bootloader

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[solved)upgratedversion not work+exception bootloader

Postby Diddy » Tue Aug 21, 2007 15:11

i'm very sorry about the post i made; the md5sum was wrong, so it was just senseless to post the stuff below, sry :(

hi (:
i downloaded sabayon 3.4e x86_64 dvd and burned, seems to be ok though i do not have a program to check the md5sum--i just read about that after having sabayon installed, sry.
well, the dvd worked well and it was the first time i got openGl working on linux on my laptop (great, boys, thx (: cool to see compiz and that stuff), though it did only work on kde (oO) and in most games textures are wrong somehow.
so i upgrated my RR64 RC1.0 3.0 8) to sabayon :mrgreen: took a night or so.
i did the 6th-sense-upgrade and choosed to create a new bootloader, installing it on the first sector of the boot partition. everything went well and when i started the upgrated system, it started booting. but when it came to "starting keymap" it just did not go on. i skipped it with cntrl+c and booting went on, but tried to start the keymap a bit later again and again i had to skip. then it came up to the point when x should start, but there the screen turned black for a short time and i had to remain at the command line.
i started the live-dvd again and chosed 6th-sense-upgrade again, or 6th-sense-rescue what it ought to be now^^ now i set another of the german keyboard layouts ("German (latin w/ no deadkeys)" instead of "German") and choosed to skip bootloader updating, as the bootloader was already working well...next time i started from hdd an error occured just right after "initializing kernel": it was a "kernel panic"-error and if i remember right it said something about not being able to switch to init and something about "/dev/sbin" (i hope that was right)
well, i thought, maybe i should have updated the bootloader again as well. so i started the live-dvd again and choosed "bootloader configutation only" and again to create a new bootloader. while installing this, the following exception occured:
Code: Select all
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/anaconda/usr/lib/anaconda/gui.py", line 873, in nextClicked
  File "/opt/anaconda/usr/lib/anaconda/dispatch.py", line 141, in gotoNext
  File "/opt/anaconda/usr/lib/anaconda/dispatch.py", line 209, in moveStep
  File "/opt/anaconda/usr/lib/anaconda/bootloader.py", line 156, in writeBootloader
  File "/opt/anaconda/usr/lib/anaconda/bootloaderInfo.py", line 1359, in write
  File "/opt/anaconda/usr/lib/anaconda/bootloaderInfo.py", line 1104, in writeGrub
  File "/opt/anaconda/usr/lib/anaconda/rhpl/executil.py", line 81, in execWithRedirect
OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied

and i do not know what to do next..help plz (:
what else: i burned sabayon with 4x and verified. i did not cheat any codes.
my laptop got a amd athlon64 3800+, 100GB harddrive with 4 partitions (1st windows, 2nd linux boot, 3rd swap, 4th linux) and i got 1gb ram. unfortunatly my video card is a Radeon Xpress 200M Mobility -.-

PS: everytime i did something with the installer i was told that the boot partition is ext2 and can be converted to ext3 and everytime i chosed to migrate it, but somehow the installer keeps asking me this questions, seems it did not migrate it. was it wrong to tick to migrate the partition?
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