Install bugs check here for help.

Installer Issues via Installer -- Not for global upgrades or upgrading individual packages -- ONLY ISSUES WITH INSTALLATION OF THE OS -- Can't get Sabayon installed, than post here, otherwise use correct forums

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Install bugs check here for help.

Post by WarraWarra » Tue Jul 17, 2007 20:54

If you want to add a pic rename it as something.jpg.txt as .jpg might not want to add here.

All files is something.iso only no rar no zip only ISO.

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Beta "SabayonLinux-x86_64-3.4.Loop3a.iso"
OLD CD "SabayonLinux-x86_64-3.3b.miniEdition.iso"
Torrent client if anygood has a "force recheck" or something similar to check it and make sure you have the full part 100% and only once the torrent program = yes it is 100% then you can go and burn the say 4x dvd at 4x or slower speed with old school default settings nothing fancy and have it verify the burn , takes longer but the you know it is good and will work on anything.

Might also want to check to see if your dvd drive has a firmware update somewhere on the internet as it might fix bugs that it has.

Next for hd make sure you have all the cable connected propperly and or 1hd+1cd/dvd drive as some hd's does not like to share a cable. Also try changing cable as they do get bad or dmaged and does not show it.

Windows should see the hd but might not format it.
This has hard disk maintanance software as well as partition and virus software :)

If you can still get into windows then using Acronis disk director demo or paid for = very nice and safe and will be able to fix your hd be it funky partitions / overlapping or defrag or resize it just works. If this has checked it and found it good then there is another problem.

Vmware or virtualbox = about the same thing except virtualbox is free and it does not make my laptop unhappy in any OS , I had some bumps with vmware. We all can help with virtualbox and some with vmware.

Starting the dvd and then having funny error messages = modules and or stuff not loading or too much loading.
There is a readme file on the iso / dvd and it has the cheat codes.
So when starting dvd use up / down arrows to select the boot method and the press F5 and add say noagp or nokvm or vga=791 or xdriver=nvidia or res=1024x768 before the --

If you can post the motherboard name and model + some other info here about what you have then
we can suggest and or tell you what options to load etc . and makes it easier to help.

If you still end up with bugs after this then plz post and we will help.

NERO = Bugs when burning = do not use nero if possible.

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Re: Install bugs check here for help.

Post by handy » Sat Oct 13, 2007 7:14

Which Nero, Windows, NeroLinux or both?

I have been using NeroLinux both version 2 & 3 since it was released, & have had no problems except for the rare bad media failure during a burn.
Ex Arch user (4.5 years), on the run from the Systemd Virus. Feeling relatively safe here for the time being...

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