I/O errors during partitioning

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I/O errors during partitioning

Post by Dark_MaGe » Sun May 20, 2007 10:04

I've found an issue that some of you may eventually have too, when partitioning on a machine with a sata nforce controller you may eventually have (looking at dmesg) and I/O error due to a deprecated SCSI ioctl command, that would hang your installer...the workaround for now is close the installer open a shell and give a

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swapoff -a 
, then partition the hd with gparted and leave to the installer the format task only (following the howto just give a format with the fs you want without modifing the partitions sizes) everything should go perfectly from now on

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Re: I/O errors during partitioning

Post by Lomion » Wed Sep 12, 2007 14:05

This happened also to me with an Intel ICH8R Southbridge once; anyway, "swapoff -a" worked just fine.

Creepy enough, I was installing Sabayon on 2 machines with same hardware and in same conditions, but only one had this problem.
Maybe older versions of ICH's bios generate this error?

I was installing 3.4e amd64 edition.

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Re: I/O errors during partitioning

Post by edgevision » Fri Sep 21, 2007 15:27

A lot of Intel ICH controllers have this problem. Pre-3.4e, the dodmraid boot parameter caused a lot of problems, too.

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