Instalation doesn't allow dual boot

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Instalation doesn't allow dual boot

Post by Aedu » Sun May 03, 2020 22:55

Hi all,

I tried to instal Sabayon monthly build from February 2020 in my DELL Latitude e5470 laptop with Core i5 6300u (skylake) and Intel 520 graphics, with a Samsung 840 SSD with windows 10 already installed on it. I use BIOS, not UEFI. Because with windows alone and the backup from DELL the disk already had 3 primary partitions, when installing Linux, I chose to create a fourth logical partition with ext4 Linux installation and swap. Linux booted normally and worked fine.

The problem was that the installation did not detect my windows partitions so I could not dual boot. It always went straight to Sabayon.

I tried to re-install and in the partitioning stage of the install tried to mark the windows partition as bootable and select in the menu to put boot manager in MBR but it did not work anyway. Same result as before.

What could be the problem? The use of a logical partition? Please help me. I want to use Sabayon as a daily sistem but I need to keep my windows system bootable.

It works perfectly fine with this partition scheme when I install other distros like Debian and OpenSUSE.


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