Installation errors.

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Installation errors.

Post by Mercurybird » Sat Aug 31, 2019 1:23

I have a PC with an extra 500gB drive in it. It is one that I built myself a few years ago. So nothing new. A quad core mobo. My video card is what I'm worried about being compatible. It's a GeForce GTX-460. Having said that, I'm getting these errors whether in a windows install or boot up install. This is with the Gnome 64-bit version of Sabayon.

ATA1: comreset failed (errno=-16

dracut-unitqueue 323 warning dracut-initqueue timeout-starting initqueue timeout scrips.

And it hangs at the Partitions segment of the install where it is gathering information about the system. It hung there for 45 minutes. It did continue after that one time. So I really need some help figuring out what is causing this. This is a Windows7 Home PC that has no issues with configuration, malware, or virii.

Thanks everyone! :-D

EDIT: Also, I have gotten it to make it to the process of creating a new partition. But then quits because it said it can't write to the disk drive.

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Re: Installation errors.

Post by jyoung » Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:29

This is a longshot, but I once had a problem with a wifi card whose default mode was sleep/hibernation for power saving reasons. Great, except that when the machine booted up udev hung while waiting for a response from it. The solution was to disable to the sleep option at boot with an argument in the kernel command line in grub. Maybe it's worth exploring kernel arguments for this driver? Just a thought.

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