Sabayon installation on a Lenovo T490. Installation and boot problems.

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Sabayon installation on a Lenovo T490. Installation and boot problems.

Post by zioalex » Wed Jul 24, 2019 19:47

Hi guys,
I am trying to get my new laptop, a Lenovo T490, up & running with Sabayon. I have Windows pre-installed and if possible I would like to keep it.
I just downloaded the latest version for gnome ... _GNOME.iso .
I disabled the Secure Boot to have an easy install procedure.
Then I was able to start my installation process from the USB key.

My target is to have an encrypted Sabayon installation therefore I followed this guide: ... Encryption

First problem: I was not able to create a working LVM setup. Follow the steps I did:
# Create a LVM PV volume
# Create a VG
# At this point I should be able to create a LV and then a FS on it. But nothing.
The only thing I can do is to continously create VG.

Workaround. Then I tried to something different. Left back LVM for a moment and tried to install it on a plain disk. Follow the steps:
# I created a plain /boot partition.
# I create a swap partition
# I created an encrypted partition for the root volume.
# I filled all the requested data about user and passphrase

I noticed that when the installation process start the GUI is not updated properly. Everything seems dead but when I hovered with the pointer over it I discovered that the installation was completed.

Second problem. Now I rebooted and selected F12 to go the boot option. I see a Sabayon entry there but nothing happen there.
Do you have any idea of why?
I am stuck at this stage now and I would really appreciate your help.

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