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Problems with fresh install of Sabayon Mate

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 17:54
by OnI6470
Hello everybody, hope Im not posting this in the wrong forum.
Yesterday I did a fresh installation of Sabayon Mate, Im kinda new at this, I was running Ubuntu from years back. Everything was running fine after rebooting when the installer finished. I did what its suggested on the wiki, updating entropy, mirrors, etc., everthing OK, then I left the machine to go to pick up my dinner since still had a lot of updates running. When I come back the screen had went black, blinking between the desktop and black, no way to access it, not even launch a terminal. I had to pull the plug and power it on again, this time it dont boot as usual, it booted to a terminal and after I inputed some commands it showed this:

Also the keyboard went back to US when I had selected Spanish/Latin, I couldn't go to root because I had selected a US deadkey in the root password. From what I read I guess is an issue with LightDM, Network Manager and Virtual Console.
What can I do to fix this? Im writing this from the live Iso since I couldn't boot back the machine.
Thanks for the help and patience.