Dual boot

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Dual boot

Post by dockland » Sat May 06, 2017 18:01

First post.
Been trying to install both Gentoo and Funtoo on my new computer, i have installed both a couple of times before, but on kind of old computers.
Now with my brand new computer i'd like to dual boot with Arch Linux, but i didn't manage to get it to work.
My Arch Linux uses systemd-boot so i want to keep that.

My problem was that i didn't get a entry for Sabayon, post install.
I did a manual partition and mounted ESP to /boot
that failed, Calamares installer required mounting /boot/efi which messed things up a bit for me.
There were no Sabayon entry when rebooting my computer.

How do i install Sabayon systemd-boot style?

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Re: Dual boot

Post by manifesto » Tue May 09, 2017 14:29

I have been playing a bit with a brand new computer that I just bought.
unfortunatly it has windows but i completly remove partitioning, use gpt part and then install 2 distros.
to answer your question you need to run grub2-mkconfig to add menu on boot (populate /grub/boot/grub.cfg)
below some other notes about multi linux distro boot with efi.
I am not using systemd-boot so a bit out of subject but hope this can help somebody or get some advisable comments.

you can also change where efi will search for boot prg with efibootmgr to view and change where efi will look for boot.
you have to mount the same efi part (ESP) as a mount point on both distro (/boot/efi)
you can also change which distro will boot to with :
grub2-install --target=i386-pc /dev/sda
I took most info here :

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