install on MBR disk [no fix....]

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install on MBR disk [no fix....]

Post by anomaly65 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 18:39

Hi all,

I've got an HP 8300 small form factor system I'm fixing up for a friend. They'd like Sabayon installed along side the win7 that's already on the computer.

I've shrunk the win7 partition to make 200Gigs of room available for Sabayon.

The HP 8300 has a typically weird OEM bios that's an awful hybrid EFI/legacy-bios combo, the USB and DVD drive are happy to run in EFI mode, but the hard disk's only option is a "legacy" bios setting which limits me to using the old style MBR partition block. I've tried GPT on several SSDs, system won't boot from it (another SDD with windows), so that's a no go.

Are there any flags/settings to get anaconda to install on an MBR partitioned hard drive?

Thanks in advance!!


After digging, this one is a tough nut to ccrack. To keep the box cheap (it's really a decent OEM desktop and very small form factor; the refurb price makes it worth it), they hobble the BIOS where USB and DVD are EFI, but the hard drive is limited to legacy only, and will only boot from an MBR labelled disk, no chance in booting from a GPT partition table at all.

It only has 2 SATA ports internally, but I have to admit, it's got a 4 core i5 in it, 8gigs of ram, it runs like a champ for windows OS. I put Sabayon (easier from running under virtualbox, you can't even tell much difference in speed (how fast is my 92 year old friend going to read email :) He's upgrading from a very old p4 system, mostly for his wife to play spider solitaire and do facebook....).

Works fine that way, so friend is basically happy with the setup. I rarely help friends with OEM/refurb boxes except for using windows, primarily due to the crippled incompetent BIOS installed onboard, this one sure qualifies. Pays to build your own otherwise, but this box was fully setup with everthing for $220USD so for that price, it's tough to complain. Lesson learned :(
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