I have Sabayon ARM working on Odroid-XU Odroid-XU3&4

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I have Sabayon ARM working on Odroid-XU Odroid-XU3&4

Post by Cordeaux » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:27

Hi I have now got Sabayon ARM working on my Zoneminder system which consists of:

Odroid XU -- Mysql Database and Storage Server
Odroid XU3 -- Motion Detection
Odroid XU4 -- Motion Detection

I used the kernels and modules from Archlinux and the Sabayon_Linux_16.06_armv7l_RPi_Base_8GB.img

Seems to work well.

I'm now in the process of setting it up again with zoneminder
I use Arm because the whole system only uses around 30 watts

Maybe an ARM Section of this forum would be Good.

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